Car park guidance system

The visual guidance system - based on bright LED displays by WIBOND - directs visitors quickly and easily to a vacant parking space. The LED displays for indoor and outdoor areas not only inform your visitors of the occupancy of individual parking levels and areas, They can also provide cross and arrow displays to help visitors navigate through the car park.

We design our display system entirely to your specifications with regard to character height, LED and housing colours or housing size and design.
All of our LED displays guarantee optimum legibility even under difficult lighting conditions such as direct sunlight.

With the help of a brightness sensor, the individual LED displays automatically regulate the luminosity in 17 steps and adapt to their surrounding conditions. The brightness of the LED displays is therefore optimised for the user for every time of day and night.

You can download more detailed information in our product flyer.

  • Advantages:
  • Maintenance-free LED display with high-performance SMD LEDs
  • Outstanding legibility even at wide viewing angles and in direct sunlight
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Network connection via Ethernet (serial interfaces)
  • Stable aluminium housing (not an aluminium profile housing)
  • Housing protection class IP54 or IP65
  • Low current consumption: "ECO Design"
  • “Made in Germany"
  • Options:
  • Networking via WLAN or radio
  • Operating software for the LED display
  • Connection to higher-level IT systems (including databases)
  • Housing shape and colour to customer specifications
  • Heating
  • Can be connected to any sensors, electro-acoustic and fire alarm systems
  • Remote monitoring of LED car park display
  • Combination with ProScreen industrial monitors and information columns in public areas
Guidance and information system for parking spaces, car parks and vehicle garages
LED display for parking space assignment
LED displays for free-space and status visualisation
Residual places are visualized on a WIBOND display